About Us

REACH Consulting has one purpose: to help church reach their maximum potential through leadership, people and structure. Why do we do this? Because we believe the Church is the hope of the world. But the Church is run by people and people sometimes need help. We all need a little guidance, some outside perspectives, a new strategy, a new leadership direction. REACH Consulting can help with that.

Who are we? We started out as business professionals but at some point in our varied lives, God called us into the Church to lead as pastors or church executives. We have worked with all sizes of churches, all types of denominations, and served in various capacities ranging from volunteers to executive team leaders to elder board members.

Our President is Nathan Freeland, and he has a passion for serving the Church, it’s leaders, and a good cup of coffee.

Nathan close up

Nathan Freeland – President

Nathan has an unyielding passion for leadership development in the Church. With a Bachelors Degree in Organizational Leadership, he is not afraid to challenge the status quo on church leadership, development and strategies to help others reach more people with the Gospel. With experience in launching a successful business and non-profits, his leadership knowledge is broad. Married to Brandy for over 23 years, they have six loud and crazy kids. Nathan has a great love for Legos…nothing less than the BIG sets of 3,000 pieces! His favorite food is In-N-Out Burger and he is pretty convinced its served in heaven. You can read his personal blog at abstractramblings.com.